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As individuals and communities, we can work together to help maintain healthy natural environments and the best place to start is in our own backyard!

William Street 4

Planting native species, William Street Park, Parry Sound

Measuring helps us better understand the environment along Georgian Bay. It helps to focus our efforts where they are needed most. It also allows us to identify healthy and ecologically important areas that require protection or enhancement.

David Bywater

Georgian Bay

While Georgian Bay is considered to be in good condition compared to the other Great Lakes, it is still subject to pressures from water levels, invasive species, development and other human influences.

We have found that although good environmental research has begun, there is a need for more research and monitoring. Look for environmental monitoring and stewardship programs that you can do with your family and your neighbours.

We all live, work or play in beautiful Georgian Bay.

Let’s protect it for future generations.


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