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Fish Community Health


Small mouthed bass, photo credit: Andy Metelka

Listed below are some suggestions and practices you can adopt to help the Bay’s fisheries:

Support the work of the Eastern Georgian Bay Stewardship Council:

Plan any work in or near the water carefully to prevent or minimize impacts to fish and fish habitat.  Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) has details on their website about the impacts to fish and fish habitat from projects such as dredging, and shoreline stabilization.  These resources also include information about controlling aquatic plants and how to plan your project to minimize potential impacts to the aquatic environment.


Northern pike, photo credit: Andy Metelka

Complete self-evaluations of your property and lifestyle practices to identify ways to improve your local water quality and fish habitat:

The Living By Water Project:

The LandOwner Resource Centre’s extension notes:

Fisheries Management Zone 14 Council webpage,  for those interested in local fisheries and wondering how they can convey their interests or concerns:

The GLFC website has State of Lake Huron reports for more detailed fisheries information:

When fishing, consider practicing conservation principles and don’t catch your limit.


Minnows, photo credit: Andy Metelka