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Species at Risk

Blandings turtle_Scott Gillingwater

Blanding’s turtle, photo credit: Scott Gillingwater

Here are a few ways you can help species at risk in Ontario:

Learn more about SAR in eastern Georgian Bay.

Massasauga rattlesnake_Jeremy Rouse

Massasauga rattlesnake, photo credit: Jeremy Rouse

Report your sightings of at-risk species to improve knowledge of species range.

Download Ontario Nature’s Reptile & Amphibian Atlas App that identifies Ontario’s reptiles and amphibians, lets you submit sightings to the Reptile and Amphibian Atlas, and also stores a record of your sightings.

Lake Sturgeon_Upper Great Lakes Management Unit

Lake sturgeon, photo credit: Upper Great Lakes Management Unit

Create habitat for wildlife on your property – plant a butterfly or wildflower garden with native plants and trees, maintain brush piles, let some grass grow uncut, or participate in a local habitat restoration project.  Check out the Life on the Bay Stewardship Guide for more information on natural landscaping.

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Eastern foxsnake, photo credit: Massasauga Recovery Team

Watch out for wildlife on roads and waterways.  If safe to do so, please move a turtle off the road and try to place them in the direction they were traveling.

Keep your cat indoors.  Feral and domestic cats roaming outside kill more birds than any other human activity!

Whip-poor-will_credit Algonguin Park Museum

Whip-poor-will, photo credit: Algonguin Park Museum