Is This Predator Too E-fish-ent for its Own Good?

One of the most efficient marine predators is found right here in the Georgian Bay Biosphere region, as well as in lakes and waterways across Ontario. This animal has eyes perfectly developed for seeing its prey underwater. Unlike our human eyes, which have inflexible lenses that simply cannot change shape well enough to make a […]

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How Are The Fish of Georgian Bay?

Walleye at the Seguin spawning bed

One of the best ways to study the state of Georgian Bay is to look at the fish community, and specifically whether each species of fish is naturally reproducing – or if the population is declining. Fish are a useful indicator of aquatic ecosystem health because they reflect changes in nutrients, prey availability, water quality […]

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Biosphere Releases State of the Bay Ecosystem Health Report 2018

State of the Bay Book Cover

Do you ever wonder about the state of Georgian Bay? How is the water and habitat for wildlife and fish? How is climate change affecting the Parry Sound area? In 2008, conservation groups asked the same questions and launched a research program that led to the first “State of the Bay” report in 2013 to […]

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